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Rolling Stone Country

“Ted is a Country-Rock MVP”

American Songwriter

“Songcrafting and vocal approach comparable to Guy Clark to Arlo Guthrie … and a primo instrumentalist”

Americana Highways

“A major league bass player, producer, songwriter and singer … making the kind of music which lives forever. … [Kamp has] a wisdom in what he writes and a stone-cold vocal strength in everything he sings.”


“… With a resume that includes bass player, lead vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Ted Russell Kamp could be a contestant on The Most Interesting Man In the World. Most of those talents are on display on his latest record, Walkin’ Shoes…with everything from classic rock to folk making an appearance, there’s going to be a song or two that will appeal to just about everyone.”

The Rocking Magpie

“… Class and quality shine through with every word and note.”

Americana Highways

“… A damn fine album … that immediately calls to mind the country music of the mid to late 70’s. It was a time when country music artists were releasing albums of vast substance [and] songwriters looked to soul and gospel influences as much as they did country. The songs are exceptionally well written and strong [and] one can find a different highlight with each listen. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Lonestar Time

“…’Walkin’ Shoes’ is a rich and articulated album that confirms the skill and genuineness of Ted Russell Kamp.”

“… With lyrics [that] are poetic and poignant, his earthy and earnest voice … hits that sweet spot at the intersection of Blues, Country, and Rock; he captures the American spirit for adventure in perfect Americana tones.”

No Depression

“… Terrific. Ted is a start on the rise … in the tradition of Guy Clark … An impressive record. …”

Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine (UK)

“… A talented singer-songwriter … with probing stories of real life, fueled by emotion, his poetic explanations are truly profound and deeply personal. His voice gets inside your bones … like John Prine with more air and less dirt … a riveting tour-de-force of an album….”

Mayer Danzig, Twangville

“… Like many artists, Kamp has a “day gig” that pays the bills and supports his musical exploration .. His doesn’t involve an office but instead finds him playing bass with Shooter Jennings. Left to his own devices, however, Kamp is a stand-out songwriter and musician. His latest release overflows with confidence and swagger, as the Southern boogie and insightful songwriting clearly demonstrate. …”

Robert K. Oermann at

“… wistful, raspy vocal and engaging lyrics. Recommended listening….”

Michael Toland,

“… If only Nashville was pumping out country songs with that kind of understated pathos … another fine set of melodic country rock tunes … infused with warm soul (and) a grace and plainspoken honesty. Modesty and an unwillingness to play games likely prevent Kamp from getting the acclaim he deserves. Don’t let the heartfelt, soulful music suffusing Night Owl pass you by. …”

“… With his new album ‘Get Back To The Land’ L.A.’s singer-songwriter Ted Russell Kamp is again delivering extremely professional labour of love, showing his ability to write and perform songs that are touching you straight in the middle of your heart. This is once more a ‘not to miss’ release by one of the most sympathetic guys ever in the history of Americana music. …”

William Phoenix, The Examiner

“…vocals practically bleed emotion and sincerity. Like most of the material here, it is drenched with his personal touch. … Night Owl on PoMo Records is a nostalgic blend of genres such as Americana, country and folk rock. Once music fans here this disc, Ted Russell Kamp may not have to worry about what could happen ‘When The Radio Goes Dead.’ … “

Saving Country Music

“… if country music was like old school wrestling, Ted Russell Kamp would be one of the good guys… “

Per Wilker of  (Sweden)

“… Songwriters like Ted Russell Kamp … seem to simply pick the songs from the sky … (the songs) are all that they want to say: neat, beautiful and without frills. No secrets or codes – more than the magic of a beautiful language they create. He moves in the same league as the big names, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac and Kris Kristofferson. His voice is something out of the ordinary … world class. …”

Dan Harr,

“… the Laurel Canyon mythos rings true throughout this Americana set. This is definitely California desert country with the top down. With his gritty self styled voice. Like Bob Dylan’s Nashville recordings (or the) soulful country tracks that came out of Muscle Shoals. Ted Russell Kamp pays tribute to a lot of American music heroes (while) weaving gravitas throughout this song cycle….”

Freddy Celis, Rootstime (Belgium)

“… These songs are gems in the familiar alt. country and Americana genres in which … Ted has become an absolute master. Striking first rate playing … on the epic “Santa Ana Winds”, the mysterious “I Been Watching You” and the touching “My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own”. Craftsmanship = mastery is an excellent definition of the musical work….”

Richard Luftmensch Morgan, My Old Kentucky Blog

“…The long-time Shooter Jennings’ sideman is an accomplished solo artist in his own right, responsible for a number of Shooter’s most-loved tunes (Steady At The Wheel anyone?) as well as a handful of stellar rock-leaning country records that Nashville wouldn’t dare sniff.  His latest, Get Back To The Land, is his most diverse to date and boosts a nice list of guest artists, incluing Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Eric Heywood (Son Volt, Ray LaMontagne), Tony Gilkyson (Lone Justice, X) and Robby Turner (Waylon Jennings and the Highwaymen). Sadly, the record won’t hit American shores until May 10th, but European fans are snapping it up like day-old pastries as witnessed by his #1 position on the Euro-Americana charts this past January. …”

Gerrit Vermiej,

“… Kamp … surprises us again with some beautiful songs in the alt country and Americana genre. His professionalism and passion can be found (in the) soul influences, emotional ballads and beautiful country….”

Herring Brothers,  Sweden

“… a great album and very melodious. The embodiment of country soul. …”

Chris Spector, The Midwest Record

“… a well played, meaty record … and a train well worth boarding. Ted will prove to be one of those left of center cats that went on to grow legends will get this set immediately and will probably be instrumental in helping Kamp’s cult grow….”

Rocktober Magazine, USA

“… lushly produced singer-songwriter magic …”

Music Row, USA

“… a striking singer/songwriter … absolutely hypnotizing. …”

Miles of Music, USA

“… country-infused rock, hints of The Eagles intertwine with tunes bearing Gram Parsons-esque melodies…on this fine disc….”

Le Cri du Coyote, FRANCE

“… A fine songwriter…sounds like the missing son of Tom Russell and Steve Earle….”

Performing Songwriter, USA

“… The ghost of Waylon Jennings is surely smiling down on Kamp – and after one listen, you’ll be smiling too….”

  1. High Desert Fever - preview Buy 0:39
  2. California Son - preview Ted Russell Kamp Buy 0:49
  3. You Can Go To Hell, I'm Going To Texas Ted Russell Kamp 4:17
  4. My Girl Now Ted Russell Kamp 3:17
  5. Path of Least Resistance Ted Russell Kamp 2:52
  6. Home Sweet Hollywood (featuring Shooter Jennings) Ted Russell Kamp (featuring Shooter Jennings)
  7. Waste A Little Time With Me Ted Russell Kamp 2:45
  8. Right Down to the Wire Ted Russell Kamp 4:03
  9. California Wildflower Ted Russell Kamp 4:05
  10. If I Had A Dollar Ted Russell Kamp 3:04
  11. Rainy Day Valentine Ted Russell Kamp