NorthSouth combines Ted’s love of American roots music with modern Americana and ’70’s rock sensibilities. The classic production style and and honest storytelling aproach to songwriting has made this a critically acclaimed album. The CD includes Ted’s version of the song “Steady At The Wheel”, which is also on the Shooter Jennings album Put The O Back In Country.

The Players

The band featured on the album is mostly members of Union Pacific, Ted’s band that played all over L.A. through 2004 and 2005:

Eugene Edwards, guitar
Eric Heywood, pedal steel
Leroy Powell, guitar
Robin Wiley, harmony vocals
Mike Sessa, drums

Special guest appearances: Preston Smith, Jonny Kaplan, Rob Bonfiglio, Bart Ryan, Jimmy Khoury, Corey Gash, and Shooter Jennings.

The Writers

2. Won’t Be Long – co-written with Steve Carlson
5. Still Can’t Say – co-written with Robin Wiley