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Ted has been a professional musician for 30 years now and a vast majority of that time has been spent playing bass. Aside from all of the producing and writing, there is nothing like the magic of being the bass player in the band, fitting in between the other instruments and helping the band and the artist out front be as great as they can be. Ted has played on over 100 records and has done thousands of live shows. Here is a partial list of his album credits and musicians he has played with.



Jesse Dayton – Night Brain – bass
Ted Russell Kamp – California Son – bass, vocals, production
Pi Jacobs – Soldier On – songwriting


Tanya Tucker – Sweet Western Sound – bass
Logan Ledger – Golden State – bass
Vincent Neil Emerson – The Golden Crystal Kingdom – bass
Kyle Lalone – Big City Life – bass, keyboards, production
Victoria Bailey – A Cowgirl Rides On – acoustic bass
Pete Murcott – The Outlaw Outtakes – bass, guitar, production
Doc Oliver – All in All – bass
Shooter Jennings and the Werewolves of L.A. – Lawyers, Guns and Money – bass, vocals


Sturgill Simpson and Diplo – Use Me (Brutal Hearts) – bass
Sometimes Y – Yelawolf and Shooter Jennings – bass, banjo, acoustic guitar


Doc Oliver – Welcome Home – bass, keyboards
Travis Napier – Last House in the Holler – bass, guitar, keys, production
Meet Me at the 32 – Irelands 32 Backline Band – bass, guitar, keyboards, production
Love on Drugs – MeLODies – harmony vocals
Chris Armes – Ocotillo Rose – bass, harmony vocals
The Smokin’ Kills – Last Honky Tonk Hero – production, bass, guitar, keys, percussion, harmony vocals
Kyle Culkin – Pork Chops & Blues – bass


Tanya Tucker – While I’m Living (Ted received a Grammy for playing on the Country Album of the Year)
Sam Morrow – Gettin’ By on Gettin’ Down – bass, songwriting
Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos – bass
Shooter Jennings – Live at Bonnaroo – bass, vocals
Hellhound Glory – Pure Scum – bass
Jaime Wyatt – Neon Cross – bass
Emily Zuzik – Torch and Trouble – bass, guitar, keyboards, production
Tawny Ellis – Love Life – bass, guitar, keyboards, production
White Buffalo – On the Widow’s Walk – bass


Xavier Gonzalez – Stories to Tell – bass, vocals
John Surge and the Haymakers – Your Wonderful Life – bass


Sam Morrow – Concrete and Mud – bass
Jenny van West – Happiness to Burn
Lars Kolberg – Sort Blod – bass, keys, production
Dale Justice – Trouble Man – bass, guitars, dobro, keys, production
Charlie Overbey – Broken Arrow – bass, trumpet
Tommy Townsend – Turn Back the Clock
Moot Davis – Hierarchy of Crows
Eric Corne – Happy Songs for the Apocalypse – bass


Jaime Wyatt – Felony Blues – bass
Calico – Under Blue Skies – bass
AJ Hobbs – Too Much Is Never Enough – bass, production
Shooter Jennings – Live at Billy Bob’s – bass
Jimmer Podrasky – God Like The Sun
Hellhound Glory – Pinball
Rich McCulley – Out Along the Edges


Shooter Jennings – Countach – bass
AJ Hobbs – The Den Sessions – bass, production
Rod Melancon – LA 14 – bass
Rayna Day – Rayna is Her Name – acoustic bass, production and arrangements
Richie Albright – Poets, Prophets, Heroes and Friends – bass, guitars, percussion, production
Stewart Eastham – Dancers in the Mansion – dobro, bass
Molly White – Peach and Spoon – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Alice Wallace – Memories, Music and Pride – bass
Sam Valdez – 2016 – bass
Van Norden – The Space Between – production, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Brad Raisin – It’s About Time – bass


Shooter Jennings – Don’t Wait Up (For George) – electric bass, harmony vocals
Sam Morrow – There is No Map – acoustic and electric bass
Calico – Rancho California – bass
Creekwood – 2000 Miles West – production, bass, keyboards, percussion
Nate Smith – Around and Around – production, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals


Shooter Jennings – BCR Mixtape 2014 – bass
Funkyjenn – Sing To The Angels – production, bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals
L.A. Love Band – Songs You Love – bass


Funkyjenn – Rock And Roll Voodoo Queen – production, bass, guitar, vocals, percussion, Hammond, string arrangements
Stewart Eastham – The Man I Once Was – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jimmer – Would-be Plans – bass, mandolin, acoustic guitar, lap steel, wurlitzer
Charlie Overbey – The California Kid – electric bass, mandolin
James Byous – Broken Ghost – acoustic and electric bass
Ted and Ted – Tulsa Time – electric bass, vocals
Ted Wulfers – Lucky 7 – bass, vocals


29 Mules – 29 Mules – production, bass, guitar, trumpet, mandolin, vocals
Ted Wulfers – What Would Santa Do? – bass, trumpet, vocals
Cliff Beach – 6 Pack – production, bass, guitar, vocals


Hunter Perrin and Le Flashcube – bass, trumpet, vocals
Granville Automatic – production, bass, guitar, trumpet, mandolin
Matt Mason – Eye on the Prize EP – production, bass, percussion, keyboards, lap steel, vocals


Shooter Jennings – Black Ribbons – bass, Hammond organ, banjo, vocals
Shooter Jennings – Bad Magick, the best of SJ and the 357’s – bass, Hammond organ, banjo, vocals
Michael Webb – World Wide Webb – bass, vocals
Shy Blakeman – Long Distance Man – production, bass, guitar, Hammond organ, wurlitzer, vocals


Waylon Jennings & the 357’s – Waylon Forever – bass, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, vocals
Oak Ridge Boys – The Boys Are Back – bass
Mark Stuart & The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash – vocals
Wink Keziah & Delux Motel – Working Songs For the Drinking Class – vocals


Shooter Jennings – The Wolf – bass, Hammond organ, banjo, vocals
Gina Villalobos – Miles Away – bass
Gina Gershon – In Search Of Cloe – acoustic and electric bass
Robin Wiley – Somethin’ Bout Love – co-production, bass, Wurlitzer, guitars, vocals
Leroy Powell – Leroy Powell – bass


Shooter Jennings – Electric Rodeo – bass, Hammond organ, banjo, vocals
Shooter Jennings and the .357’s – Live at Irving Plaza 4.18.06 – bass
The Skies of America – Shine – bass
Carter Falco – If It Ain’t One Thing – bass, trumpet


Shooter Jennings – Put The O Back In Country – bass, Hammond organ, banjo, vocals
Michael Fell – The Blues – bass


Ponticello – Cotton Diesel – vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion


Ponticello – Down Like Mercury – vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion
Ponticello – Escape Artist – vocals, bass, guitars, trumpet, keyboards, percussion


Ponticello – Dark Skies – vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussion
David Andrews – Get Me Out Of This Place – bass, vocals
Peter Tametta – A Thousand Years – bass, trombone, trumpet
Orville Johnson – Blueprint For The Blues – bass


Mary Lydia Ryan – Diaphanous – acoustic and electric bass
The Owl ‘n’ Thistle Band – Live at the Owl ‘n’ Thistle – bass, vocals


Kym Tuvim – bass
Evan Buehler – 543 – acoustic bass


Easy Big Fella – Eat At Joey’s – trumpet, trombone
Land Of The Bigfoot Ska – Ska Compilation – with the Gobbletones – trumpet, bass, vocals
Chris Welch – Songs Without Words – acoustic bass
Scott Law and Michael Gray – Odd Men Out – acoustic and electric bass


Orville Johnson and Scott Weiskopf – acoustic and electric bass
Aces, Twos, & Fews – Ska Compilation – with the Gobbletones – bass, trumpet, vocals


Easy Big Fella – Fruit Cup – trumpet, trombone


Shooter Jennings (as a member of the 357s and Heirophant)
Jessi Colter
Wilson Phillips
Wanda Jackson
James Intveld
Rosie Flores
Candye Cane
Jamey Johnson
Billy Ray Cyrus
Pi Jacobs
Jaime Wyatt
Greg Felden
Zane Carney
Andrew Leahy
Thomas Ponten
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Neal Casals
Syd Straw
Tony Joe White
Reggie Young
Dillon O’Brian
Dan Navarro
Billy Ray Cyrus
Livingston Taylor
29 Mules
Rich Mahan
Granville Automatic
Ted Wulfers
Jonathan Tyler
Danny Meyers & the L.A. Love Band
Whitey Morgan & the 78’s
Jonny Kaplan & the Lazy Stars
Preston Smith & the Crocodiles
Ann Claire
Amelia White
Michael O’Connor
Hunter Perrin & Le Flashcube
Dean Parks
Walter Van Norden
Aubrey Richmond
Eric Heywood
Eugene Edwards
Brian Whelan
DJ Bonebreak
The Resentments
Michael ONeill
Charley Overbey
Austin Hanks
James Byous
Molly Rocklind
8 Track Cadillac
Bliss Bowen
John Schreffler and Broken Bravado
Tommi Viksten (FI)
Tokela (FI)
Janne Haavistu (FI)
Markus Nordenstreng  (FI)
Eric De Vries (NL)
Danny Vera (NL)
Thelonius Funk
The Stew

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