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Night Owl


Night Owl is the newest TRK record was released in January 2013. It made the top 30 on the Americana Radio Chart top 10 on the Euroamericana Chart. It is an album filled with story songs, soulful and honest acoustic tracks ...

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 Tonight I play my last show in this great tour of Europe. Leeuwarden here I come. Thanks again to all the great friends, musicians, DJs, pub owners and promoters who made this tour possible. #trk #californiacountry #flyingdutchman #americana #lifeinthefastlane

Some Cool Photos

In the studio

Here are some cool photos with friends and on the road.

On the way to Texas

On the road

I’m on my way out to Texas … in the middle of summer … yes, I know. It’s fun to sweat in Texas. Here’s where I’m playing:

Aug 1: Cactus Cafe
Aug 2: Gruene Hall (day)
Aug 2: Continental Club (night) …

Studio session with Aubrey Richmond

In the studio

Aubry Richmond is recording for the latest record by Walter Van Norden. It’s coming along great!